Karting Suits

Karting Suits provide abrasion protection in the event the driver gets ejected from the kart. The exterior layer of a top quality Karting Suit is made of Cordura, an extremely abrasion resistant and durable Nylon based material. Northstar Motorsports is proud to carry Alpinestars and Sparco brands of Karting Suits.
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Molecule Complete Care Kit
Molecule Complete Care Kit
Our Price: $69.95
The Molecule Complete Care Kit includes a 16 oz. Wash, 16 oz. Refresher, 16 oz. Protector and 4 oz. Spot Cleaner - everything you need to care for your suit and other gear.
The Molecule Complete Care kit makes machine washing...
Molecule Protector 16oz.
Molecule Protector - 16 oz. Spray
Our Price: $29.95
Molecule Protector bonds to Nomex® fabric to help repel flammable stains caused by oils, fuels and dirt.
Helps keep suit colors vibrant by shielding UV rays.
Just spray on and tumble dry to create a durable protective coating.
Recommended for Nomex® and other...
Molecule Refresher 4 oz. Spray
Molecule Refresher 4 oz. Spray
Our Price: $5.95
Molecule Refresher keeps suits and protective undergarments fresh over long racing weekends and between washings.
Contains an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors.
Cosmetic-grade, skin-friendly ingredients.
Light fresh scent.
Recommended for Nomex® and other technical fabrics. Great for helmets too!
4 oz....
Molecule Spot Cleaner - 16 oz. Spray
Molecule Spot Cleaner - 16 oz. Spray
Our Price: $19.95
Molecule Spot Cleaner gets deep into the Nomex® fabric to dissolve and suspend tough spots and stains that can create combustible hot spots. Great for dealing with tough chain oil and other karting lubricants. For use with Molecule...
Molecule Wash - 16 oz. Bottle
Molecule Wash - 16 oz. Bottle
Our Price: $19.95
Molecule Wash effectively cleans Nomex® fabric in standard washing machines by removing contaminants that can degrade fabric performance. An added Antimicrobial agent inhibits the growth of bacterial odors.
Also contains a fabric brightener to help you look your best.
Recommended for Nomex®...

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