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Molecule Labs has its roots in both specialty chemical manufacturing and motor sports. Over the years, its creator, Michael Guasch, has often worn a lab coat one day and a racing suit the next. His unique understanding of these two distinct professions brought Molecule Technical Fabric Care System into being. Guasch's expertise developing innovative protective chemicals led to the sale of one of his national brands to a Fortune 500 company in 2005. But instead of retiring, he decided to devote more time to racing. With his increased time on the racetrack, Guasch realized that his Nomex® racing suits required special care that dry cleaning and ordinary laundry products could not provide. So he returned to the lab to develop a new line of protective chemicals and care products specifically formulated for Nomex® and other technical fabrics. After two years of development and testing, in the lab and on the track, Guasch and his new company have created the four-step Molecule Technical Fabric Care System.

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