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Mr. Gasket battery relocation kit
Our Price: $159.95
This battery box is a must for all high performance applications. Relocating the battery to the trunk allows the weight to be put where it is needed, on the rear of the car for better weight transfer. Putting the battery...
Mr. Gasket master disconnect switch
Our Price: $54.95
Mr. Gasket Master Disconnect Switch positively shuts off all of the current from the battery in the event of a short or accident. It includes an adhesive decal to show both on/off positions and detailed instructions for a safe installation.

MSD stand alone solid state relay
(Selected options may carry additional charges)
Clean up your wiring with an MSD Solid State Relay Block. This module takes the place of 4 standard relays and eliminates unsightly wiring. 4 independent channels can be activated using either power or ground. Each channel...
Sparco 6-Pole Kill Switch
(Selected options may carry additional charges)
The Sparco 6-Pole Kill Switch is FIA approved. Master switches are an indispensable instrument (as well as a requirement) assuring rapid disconnection of the electric system in case of accident. The purpose of using the Sparco 6-Pole Kill Switch...
Sparco Extinguisher/Battery Decal
Our Price: $10.00
Sticker pack w/ Extinguisher and Battery cutoff decals

PN# ASPA002...

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