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Pagid's constant research and development ensures high quality and performance. Pagid uses a unique and patented system to ensure the friction material does not delaminate from the steel backing plate. The friction material is attached to the backing plate in two ways: adhesive bonding and mechanical retention. The mechanical retention is accomplished by inserting brass metal studs through the backing plate into the friction material. In turn, the adhesive and mechanical fastening eliminates the possibility of the friction material delaminating from the backing plate. Pagid Auto Racing Brake Pads are the pad of choice on Audi, BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche factory race cars. These pads have won the Daytona 24h, LeMans 24h, Sebring 12h, Spa 24h, and Nurburgring 24h. Pagid Auto Racing Brake Pads are the finest brand available. Northstar Motorsports is the largest authorized importer and distributor of Pagid Auto Racing Brake Pads. Northstar Motorsports exclusively stocks and sells only Pagid Auto Racing Brake Pads. Northstar Motorsports stocks Pagid Racing Brake Pads in most available compounds including RS4-2 Blue, RS4-4 Orange, RS14 Black, RS15 Grey, RS19 Yellow, and RS29 Yellow as well as the new RSL Yellow, RST Red, and RSC Black compounds.

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