Nomex Socks

Nomex Socks should be worn under your Nomex lined driving shoes for an added layer of fire protection. Northstar Motorsports is proud to carry Nomex Socks from Alpinestars, G-Force, OMP and Sparco.
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Alpinestars Race Socks Black
Alpinestars Race Socks
Our Price: $34.95
New for 2018! The Alpinestars Race Socks are lightweight, fire-resistant socks with a seamless construction to reduce pressure points.
FIA 8856-2000 Approved.

Sizing: Small (shoes sz 5-7), Medium (shoe sz 7.5-9), Large (shoe sz 9.5-11) and Xlarge (shoes sz 11+).
Alpinestars ZX v2 Socks White
Alpinestars ZX v2 Socks
Our Price: $44.95
New for 2018! The Alpinestars ZX v2 socks have a lightweight, seamless construction. Alpinestars ZX v2 socks are made with an advanced ZX innovative flame resistant technology developed by Alpinestars. The Lenzing FR material offers higher breathability performance than standard Nomex and is super soft for enhanced comfort.
G Force Nomex Underwear Socks
G-Force Nomex Underwear Socks
List Price: $21.99
Our Price: $19.99
G-FORCE Nomex Underwear Socks are flame-retardant and are among the softest and most comfortable on the market today. Made from soft knit Nomex® material, these Underwear Socks give the driver or crewmember hypoallergenic coverage with a soft texture feel. Sometimes a drivers shoe is just not enough and Underwear Socks...
OMP Sport OS 40 Nomex Socks
OMP Sport OS 40 Nomex Socks
Our Price: $27.00
OMP Sport OS 40 Nomex Socks are made of 100% soft knit Nomex® for additional comfort. SFI 3.3 rated and FIA rated. Sizes: Small (shoe size 5.5-8), Medium (shoes size 8-10), Large (shoe size 10-13). Color: Off White....
Sparco Nomex Underwear Soft Touch Socks
Sparco Nomex Underwear Soft-Touch Socks
Our Price: $25.00
(Selected options may carry additional charges)
Sparco NOMEX Underwear Soft Touch Socks are the lightest and most comfortable socks found in the racing industry. When seconds count wearing NOMEX Underwear gives you added protection that can make that critical difference. NOMEX Underwear can also keep you feeling cooler on hot days by wicking perspiration from the...

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