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The HANS Head and Neck Support was invented in the mid-1980's by Dr. Robert Hubbard, a biomechanical engineering professor at Michigan State University. Jim downing, Hubbard's brother-in-law and a long time racecar builder and driver, believed than many of racing's debilitating or fatal head and neck injuries could be prevented. The HANS is Hubbard's response to Downing's concern. To assure that the HANS concept would be effective in real racing crashes, Dr. Hubbard developed and tested HANS prototypes in 1989 with crash injury biomechanical experts at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. The initial impact sled tests with crash dummies were used to compare head motions and accelerations and neck forces with and without HANS. Meanwhile, Downing wore HANS in various early configurations at each of his racing events. Today the compact version of the HANS is fully accepted as the most effective way of reducing or preventing drivers head and neck injuries. So much so, that the HANS is required in Formula 1, CART, IRL, NASCAR, Grand-Am, and ALMS. While not mandated, many drivers wear the HANS in NHRA, ASA, SCCA and many club racing organizations. The HANS Device is SFI and FIA approved.

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