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Series 2 Montezuma's Ferrari
Our Price: $35.00
Montezuma's Ferrari is the second novel in Burt "BS" Levy's series about a 19-year-old New Jersey gas station mechanic growing up and coming of age while being sucked into the glamorous, dangerous world of open-road sports car racing during the...
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Series 3 The Fabulous Trashwagon
Our Price: $35.00
The third novel in author/racer "BS" Levy's cult-classic The Last Open Road series, it follows the adventures and developing work, life, and romantic relationships of its narrator, Buddy Palumbo, as he takes over running the shop, weathers the first...
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Series 4 Toly's Ghost
Our Price: $35.00
Fourth book in author/racer "BS" Levy's cult-classic The Last Open Road series, it follows the development of narrator Buddy Palumbo's family, romantic, and business adventures plus the parallel story of his rich, charming, spoiled, devil-may-care but totally self-centered race-driver friend...
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Series 5 Steamroller I
Our Price: $35.00
THE 200 MPH Steamroller: Book One Red Reign
The long-awaited 5Th novel in "BS" Levy's celebrated, cult-classic, historically accurate and utterly hilarious THE LONG OPEN ROAD series is also the first volume of a brand-new trilogy! Follow the further, farther-flung adventures...
steamroller the italian job book ii.webp
Series 6 Steamroller Book II the Italian Job
Our Price: $35.00
Fictionalized history inspired by the Ford Motor Company's assault on the 24 Hours of Le Mans....
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Series 7 Steamroller Book III Out of the Mist
Our Price: $40.00
Seventh book in author/racer "BS" Levy's The Last Open Road series and third and penultimate book in his The 200mph Steamroller sub-series. Great fun, wonderful characters from the lovable to the loathsome and lots of drama, behind-the-scenes details, and intrigue....
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Series 8 Potside Companion
Our Price: $25.00
A collection of BS Levy's hilarious automotive short stories. Hear how he had a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow convertible taken from him at gunpoint on a test drive when he was a high-line used car salesman. Learn how he caused...
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The Last Open Road Radio Play Mp3
Our Price: $45.00
Celebrated author, racer and award-winning motorsports journalist BS Levy re-wrote his cult-classic 1950s motoring novel as an old-time radio play, then produced it with top-level acting talent, production values, period music, sound effects and the actual classic racing cars and...
last open road audio book 1.webp
The Last Open Road: the Last Open Road, Book 1
Our Price: $45.00

It's like no audio book you've ever listened to! Re-imagined by the author as a 1950's-style radio play, the audio presentation of B.S. Levy's The Last Open Road features professional Hollywood voice actors in the major roles, amazing and authentic...

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