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Head and Neck Restraints and Proper Fitting of Helmet Anchors

A Head and Neck Restraint (HNR) is now mandated by most auto racing sanctioning bodies in the U.S. and Europe. These sanctioning bodies include: NASCAR, F-1, IMSA, WEC, GP2, Indy Car, ACO, SCCA and many others.

At Northstar Motorsports we carry the original Head and Neck Restraint (HNR) called the HANS (Head and Neck Support) device. We also carry a new type of Head and Neck Restraint made by Schroth. This device is called the Schroth SHR Flex. Both of these types of Head and Neck Restraints will protect the neck and head of a driver in an impact. They have been used for years in racing both in the U.S. and Europe. Because they are proven to save lives they have become mandatory in most racing sanctioning bodies. In order to use a HNR, the driver needs a helmet which has been fitted with the appropriate HNR attachment posts so the tethers can be attached to the helmet. Most helmet manufacturers have had their helmets certified for use with a HNR device. However, make sure you have your HNR posts installed in your helmet by a Factory Trained Distributor. Northstar Motorsports has been Factory Trained in the proper installation of HNR posts to all Snell SA certified helmets. If your HNR posts are installed by a Factory Trained Technician it will be done correctly so the SNELL certification of your helmet will remain valid. All helmet manufacturers who produce helmets to the Snell SA 2015 certification are now producing helmets that are fitted with threads for a HANS post at the time of manufacture per the SA2015 certification requirements.

Please see the Head and Neck Restraints section on our website for selecting the proper model and size of HNR device for your specific application. The primary difference between these devices is the material they are made of and the weight. The Sport III Series is constructed from Injected Molded Carbon fiber with a smaller collar and DuPont polymer for reduced weight. The Sport III weighs approximately 1 lb. 11 oz. The Pro Ultra Series is made from Hand Laid Carbon Fiber. The Pro-Ultra weighs approximately 1 lb. 8 oz. and the Pro-Ultra Lite weighs approximately 1 lb. 4 oz. The Schroth SHR-Flex weighs approximately 2 lb.

HANS has developed a "sliding tether" system, which virtually eliminates the blind spots that frequently occurred with the original "fixed tethers". All HANS devices that originally came with "fixed tethers" can now be retro-fitted to this new “sliding tether system. At Northstar all of our HANS only come with this new and improved sliding tether system.


HANS Sport III Series
HANS Sport III Youth Series
HANS Pro Ultra Series
HANS Pro Ultra Lite
Schroth SHR Flex


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