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Red Line Synthetic Oil For Transmissions- 1 Quart


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Red Line Oil
Red Line Oil


Red Line Synthetic Oil For Transmissions- 1 Quart

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Red Line Synthetic Transmission Lubricants are designed to provide excellent low-temperature shift ability and improved gear protection at higher temperatures. These oils will reduce differential temperatures 10-70 degrees F. Efficiency improvements between 1-5% are typical. Red Line Synthetic Gear Oil - 1 Quart, all synthetic high performance gear oils are recommended for most street driven and racing differentials. 1 quart.

MT-LV 70W/75W- The newest addition to the GL-4 family!

75W140NS- Big protection but not slippery, for certain trans and diff applications.

MTLĀ® 75W80- Performance manual trans gear oil

MT-85 75W85- Our intermediate viscosity for Korea's finest and a few others, too.

MT-90 75W90- The most popular, the most viscosity, the most applications.

75W90NS- NS means non-slip, for transaxles that need hypoid-protection and smooth shifting

D4 ATF- Versatile and stable. For both automatic and manual transmissions.

D6 ATF- As ATF requirements lean toward lighter viscosity, this one has ultimate stability.

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