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SPA Technique 4L Steel Mechanical AFFF Fire System FIA2018


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SPA Technique
SPA Technique

SPA 01-FIA18-L4S

SPA Technique 4L Steel Mechanical AFFF Fire System FIA2018

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Product Details

SPA Technique Fire Suppression Systems are specifically created for use in competition vehicles and offer the latest in on-board Fire Suppression technology. The SPA Technique Fire System utilizes SPA "Lite" AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam). The SPA Technique Fire Suppression System is non-toxic, ozone friendly and gives the competitor the same level of protection whether driving Formula 1, WRC or Sports Cars. SPA Technique Fire Suppression Systems have been rigorously tested in conjunction with the BSI and MSA and fully conform to the latest FIA regulations for competition vehicles. The 4 liter Multi-Flo Fire Systems where designed specifically for use in closed cockpit cars i.e. Rally and Sports cars. The SPA Technique 4 L Fire System gives an even two-litre split between engine and cockpit compartments from a single chamber bottle. The FIA approved MFM 400 S Fire Suppression System has steel bottle that now offers the competitor a cost effective alternative while still giving all the performance of our more expensive alloy and carbon fiber fire extinguishers.
The SPA Technique Fire System includes steel bottle and mounting hardware, 2 pull cables (6 & 12 ft.), 6 nozzles, 5 T-connectors, 1 bulkhead fitting, 12 ft. of Decabon AFFF tubing, "E" decal and full installation instructions.


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