Auto Racing Tire Gauges

Auto Racing Tire Gauges include Air Gauges, Durometers and Pyrometers. All our Auto Racing Tire Gauges are necessary for any race team. Our Auto Racing Tire Gauges are from Intercomp, one of the best automotive instrument companies.
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Intercomp 2.5
Intercomp 2.5" Deluxe Air Gauge (Liquid Filled)

Our Price: $48.95

Intercomp's Deluxe Air Gauges include a high-quality, thumb operated bleeder and swivel nozzle on a 17" Hose. High visibility with major and minor graduation marks.
2.5" Air Pressure Gauge. Liquid-Filled. 0-60 x 1 PSI.
Made in the U.S.A....

Intercomp 4
Intercomp 4" Ultra Deluxe Air Gauge

Our Price: $64.95

(4" Glow in the Dark, 0-60 x 1 PSI)
Intercomp's Deluxe Air Gauges incorporate a patented internal mechanism which provides far more resilience to extreme punishment. Units include a high quality thumb-operated bleeder and swivel nozzle on a 17" Goodyear hose. This Air Gauge is great for the over-40 group who relies on reading glasses - these numbers are big enough to see without those pesky reading glasses. ...

Intercomp Deluxe Pyrometer with Tire Probe
Intercomp Deluxe Pyrometer with Tire Probe

Our Price: $179.00

Intercomp Deluxe Pyrometer with Tire Probe Features: 0-1500 degrees F, coiled probe cord, hold feature, 1 degree or 0.1 degree indication, displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius, ultra quick display update and carrying case.

Intercomp Pyrometer Brake Probe
Intercomp Pyrometer Brake Probe

Our Price: $129.00
Sale Price: $50.00

ONLY A FEW IN STOCK! Optional brake probe for Intercomp's Pyrometer.

To 2,000F/1,093C. ...

Intercomp Tire Durometer
Intercomp Tire Durometer

Our Price: $59.99

The surface of a tire becomes harder with every heat cycle, and even new tires of the same compound can vary a great deal in hardness. If a tire is too soft for the track, it will overheat and may not last the entire race. If it is too hard, it will not get up to the optimum temperature and traction will have been sacrificed. The Intercomp Tire Durometer tool will allow you to make the correct...

Longacre 2.5 Tire Gauge
Longacre 2.5" Tire Gauge

Our Price: $24.50

The Longacre 2.5" tire gauge reads 0-60 PSI and glows in the dark. With easy to read numbers and a larger face, this tire gauge is not too big or bulky. This gauge provides auto racing accuracy and includes a high flex hose with angle and ball chuck. A Bleed/Release valve allows you to drop tire pressure to desired level. Comes with a protective rubber bumper to protect your gauge from everyday use, and with a clear re-sealable poly...

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