Auto Racing Fuel Jugs and Funnels

Auto Racing Fuel Jugs and Funnels are a great way to transport fuel and to fuel your racecar. Our jugs and funnels are made by Scribner Plastics and are very high quality.
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115 Micro Stainless Steel Screen Filter
Our Price: $7.25
The 115 Micro Stainless Steel Screen Filter will fits both the 8" (6114R) and 14" (6110R) anti-swirl funnels and is perfect to make sure no sediment gets into your car's engine. ...
18" Utility Jug Hose
Our Price: $5.95
18" Utility Jog Hose attaches to 2000W 5 gallon utility jug to dispense fluids....
5 Gallon Utility Jug  White
5 Gallon Utility Jug - White
Our Price: $40.00
5 Gallon Utility Jug in White plastic. This ultra heavy duty square design holds 5 gallons of fluids. Use for storage and/or transport for recycling and proper disposal of common fluids used in professional motor sports. Help keep the environment clean and pollution free by always disposing of hazardous materials properly. The jug measures approx 9.5" x 9.5"x 21''. Comes complete with...
D Shaped Funnel  Red
D-Shaped Funnel - Red
Our Price: $15.00
(Selected options may carry additional charges)
D-Shaped Funnel - Red is an anti-swirl design which is 14" tall and can be fitted with a 115 micro stainless steel screen filter (part #6119).
Available in 8 in. or 14 in....

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