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Karting Helmets need to be both strong and light. Both Arai and Bell Karting Helmets are among the lightest and strongest Karting Helmets available. Northstar Motorsports is proud to carry both Arai and Bell Karting Helmets.
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Arai SK 6 Karting Helmet
Arai SK-6 Karting Helmet

OurPrice: $699.95

The Arai SK-6 karting helmet features include positive lock shield mechanism to provide solid latching, while allowing normal operation of the shield; new shield pivot to improve aerodynamics; 3mm shield; wider eye port for increased peripheral field of view. The Arai SK-6 karting helmet also features larger intake vent toggles for easier operation and large rear vents for improved ventilation (features taken directly from GP-6(PED) helmet). The Arai SK-6 karting helmet has removable/replaceable cheek pad design which allows for custom...

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Bell (Kart Series) GP-2 K Kart Racing Helmet K2010

OurPrice: $489.95

The Bell GP-2 K is the karting only version of the GP.2 which combines advanced F1 styling, an innovative air intake system for maximum ventilation and leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The Snell K2010 GP.2K is a fantastic choice for karters who demand superior features, light weight and excellent fit.

The Bell GP-2 K features a front aero chin bar, an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, pro-style interior for outstanding comfort and a front air intake that forces air into the helmet’s forehead vents...

Bell K-1 Sport Auto Racing Helmet SA2010 White
Bell (Racer Series) K-1 Sport Auto Racing Helmet SA2010

OurPrice: $429.95
(Selected options may carry additional charges)

The Bell K-1 Sport auto racing helmet is a great helmet for open wheel racers or kart racers who plan on moving into other forms of racing that require fire retardant helmets.

The Bell K-1 Sport aerodynamic features enhance the helmet's stability in high-speed racing environments. The Bell K-1 Sport auto racing helmet features a lightweight composite shell, comfortable interior fit and maximum ventilation with full chin bar, forehead and top vents.

The K-1 Sport auto racing helmet also features Bell's...

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