Auto Racing Fuel Jugs and Funnels

Auto Racing Fuel Jugs and Funnels are a great way to transport fuel and to fuel your racecar. Our jugs and funnels are made by Scribner Plastics and are very high quality.
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VP Racing Fuels 5 Gallon Fuel Jug - Red
VP Racing Fuels 5 Gallon Fuel Jug - Red
Our Price: $35.95
The VP Fuel Jug is made of high-density polyethylene and has a ergonomically contoured handle and bottom grip for easy pouring.
The fuel jug includes a nonbreakable, multi-purpose cap with rubber gaskets and hose adapters. A lanyard on the jug prevents...
VP Racing Fuels Deluxe Hose
Our Price: $10.99
For use on VP Motorsport Containers or Sportsman's Containers.
14" hose assembly with cap....
VP Racing Octanium - Unleaded Octane booster/ Race Fuel Concentrate
Our Price: $21.99
Octanium - Unleaded octane booster is formulated to provide an octane boost up to 7 numbers (70 points), increasing horsepower. It is safe for use in cars and trucks with both catalytic converters and 02 sensors. Octanium Unleaded eliminates...

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