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Molecule Helmet Care Kit


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Molecule Helmet Care Kit

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Product Details

Helpful products to carry in your gear bag! This Molecule Helmet Care kit includes four 4oz. spray bottles:
-CLEANER AND POLISH: designed to keep helmets and visors clean, shiny and protected-all in one step. Safe to use on all helmet finishes and visors, including flat and matte. Safely removes bugs, oil, dirt and grime.
-REFRESH: keeps helmet lining fresh and clean. Antimicrobial. Skin friendly, cosmetic grade ingredients.
-ANTI-FOG for visors: reduces fogging and improves visibility.
-RAIN REPEL for visors: repels rain and water. Improves visibility in wet weather.
-Microfiber towel to keep your helmet fresh and clean.

Caution: Do not use on interior surface of Stilo visor.

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