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Arai GP- 6S Auto Racing Helmet SA2020


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Arai GP- 6S Auto Racing Helmet SA2020

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The Arai GP-6S Auto Racing Helmet is a moderately priced Arai with many of the great features of the Arai GP-7 or GP-7SRC. Like the GP-5k it replaces, the new Arai GP-6S Auto Racing Helmet is designed with the sport driver in mind. It uses the same shell shape as the new Arai GP-7 and state-of-the-art Arai GP-7SRC, along with the same wider eyeport for increased peripheral vision. The 5ks's familiar single intake/single exhaust vents are retained, but the new Arai GP-6S Auto Racing Helmet has an enlarged front vent for improved inflow and overall ventilation performance. Features of the Arai GP-6S include: a positive-lock shield mechanism providing solid latching, while allowing normal operation of the shield; new shield pivot hardware improving aerodynamics; wider eyeport for increased peripheral field of view; large, closeable, intake vent combined with a larger 10mm hole greatly increases air intake and a larger 10mm rear vent hole to further increase airflow; newly integrated seat for HANS posts. as well as pre-drilled shell to make sure of proper installation; a newly sculpted chinbar and ridge along lower edge of shell to improve structural integrity. If you have any questions about the features of the Arai GP-6S Auto Racing Helmet pick up the phone and give us a call. We'll be happy to tell you all about this great helmet.
Includes M6 terminal (pre-installed M6 threaded washer/nut, able to accept mounting hardware for various Head and Neck restraint systems.)
Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859.
Sizes Only Available in XL.
White and Black Frost.

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