Auto Racing Radio Systems

Auto Racing Radio Systems are a necessary part of keeping in touch with your crew while in the racecar. These Auto Racing Radio Systems come complete and allow for clear radio communication between the driver and crew chief. Northstar Motorsports is proud to carry Kenwood Auto Racing Radio Systems.
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Kenwood Pro 4 Watt (Long Track) Radio System
Kenwood Pro 4 Watt (Long Track) Radio System
Our Price: $1449.00
The Kenwood Pro 4 Watt (Long Track) Radio System includes:
For the DRIVER: high-performance mic kit and semi-custom earphones
For the RACE CAR: Kenwood TK3160/16 channel/4 watt radio, high capacity NIMH battery (no memory), rapid rate desktop charger (1 hour), leather radio carrying case, triple shield car harness, velcro-mounted PTT...

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