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Race Caddy Helmet Organizer system


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Race Caddy
Race Caddy

Race Caddy

Race Caddy Helmet Organizer system

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Product Details

Race Caddy gives the driver a convenient place to store their helmet, hans device, gloves, balaclava, and earplug radio in the racecar. It also keeps the driver's helmet from getting damaged in the car before and after a session. It can also be used in the trailer.

• Fits all helmet sizes and brands
• Fits all sizes and models of HANS Devices, Stand21 FHR, and Schroth SHR (Due to the universal fitment of the Race Caddy, each brand, size, and model fits slightly differently)
• 18.7"x14" (Yes, it even fits in a Spec Miata!)
• Lightweight: 3lbs
• Durable ABS Plastic
• Made in USA

• The Race Caddy
• Complete Hardware Kit with 4 Custom Brackets (For Height Adjustability) OR Flush-Mount Hardware Kit (For Weight Box, Flat Floorboard) OR No Hardware (For Trailer)

Race Caddy is meant to be installed on the passenger side of the race car. Please view the Installation Guide in the Driver's Meeting. There are 2 ways to properly install the Race Caddy to the car:
1. Via the brackets that give ~1.1-3.1" of height adjustability
2. Via the pre-drilled holes for a flush mount.

* The Race Caddy can also be used inside the trailer for organization and convenience of your gear.

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