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Schroth Profi II-ASM FE Racing Harness

Schroth Profi II-ASM FE Racing Harness

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Schroth Profi II-ASM FE SR 91320-0-29

Schroth Profi II-ASM FE Racing Harness

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NEW 2029 Expiration harness!

The Schroth Profi II-ASM FE is the only 4 point harness in the world that it FIA homologated and DOT compliant. The 4 point Schroth Profi II ASM FE is ideal for use in DE cars or any other applications where stock seats are retained.

The Profi II ASM FE is essentially the same as the Profi II ASM, except it features a Push-Button Cam lock for applications where street driving is anticipated. The orange push button that says "Press" is necessary to retain street legal status. The FE version also features sewn in Bolt-In Tabs for the lap belt attachment points, for use in applications where space is limited. Because of the sewn in end fittings, the Flexi Belt lap is not available in this harness.

The Profi II ASM features Schroth's unique Anti-SubMarining technology. ASM is an extra fold of material sewn into the inboard shoulder belt that elongates at a different rate than the outboard belt. This allows your upper torso to twist slightly. On the rebound phase, your torso is planted firmly back in the seat rather than allowed to slide under the lap belt.

You can add a single or dual sub strap to make this belt into a 5 point or 6 point at any time.

Each harness comes with 3" shoulders ready to wrap around a roll bar. (Additional Snap in or Bolt in attachments can be bought separately.) The 2" Lap Belts are with Bolt-in Attachments only. Specify pull-down or pull-up. You can use 4 point ASM Harnesses with a HANS device.

FIA homologation standard. DOT Compliant.

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