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Sabelt 2x2 Racing Harness

Sabelt 2x2 Racing Harness Red

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Sabelt 2x2 Racing Harness Red Sabelt 2x2 Racing Harness Black


Sabelt 2x2 Racing Harness

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Sabelt 2x2 Racing Harness features:
-Full 2" wide shoulder straps with steel adjusters, snap hook ends and tribar adjusters.
-Full 2" wide PULL UP lap belts with steel adjusters and snap hook ends.
-New compact buckle is attached to 2" wide sub-belt with snap hook ends and tribar adjusters.
-Eye bolts included.
-FIA 8853-2016 homologated.

FIA 8853-2016 Technical Background:
Accident analysis of the many championships fitted with Accident Data Recorders has shown that very high G (>70g) crashes are now survivable with good vehicle crash-worthiness and cockpit environments together with best practices safety equipment. On this basis, the performance levels for FIA approved safety equipment have been newly defined to manage the forces and energies generated during the 70g accidents.
Additional changes and enhancements:
5pt harness systems and V-strap harness systems (sub-strap with single merge/point connection to buckle) will not be accepted or qualify for homologation under 8853-2016.

2028 Expiration harness


  • FIA approved harnesses are good for 5 yrs from date of manufacture - expiration date is labeled on belt. SFI approved harnesses are good for 2 yrs and expire on December 31st of the 2nd year following the date of manufacture which is labeled on each belt.

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