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Trac-Com Intercom V2


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Trac-Com Intercom V2

Trac-Com Intercom V2

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Product Details

Trac-Com Intercom designed for Driver-Passenger communication.

Adaptable to many applications and manufactured/tested right here at our Mooresville location! The TracCom V2 is the solution for racing intercoms and driver to passenger communications. Drivers can also take their Go Pro footage to the next level thanks to the built in AUX port, which supports both audio in and out. Checkout a sample narrated video clip thanks to Andrew Rains from Apex, found below under the videos tab.

The V2 intercom system supercedes all other TracCom variants and has been thoroughly put through the ringer by many instructors and drivers. The improvements made on our V3 intercom overcome many of the shortcomings of prior editions - so much so that the BMW CCA has declared it to be the Official Communicator of the BMW CCA!

A recent comparison against the Chatterbox Tandem Pro II gave the Trac-Com "two thumbs up", awarding it the "best communicator." "Using initial build quality, ruggedness, and features the winner is Racecom Trac-Com. While bulkier, the quality of the components are pro-level and we feel will outlast multiple Chatterbox units. We have been using (and students abusing) the TracCom intercom system with no faults. Ever. This is a rugged piece of necessary driver coach gear and built better than many things you have put on your race car."

Student Helmet Boom:
Student Helmet Booms Plug directly into the Trac-com unit, no other cables are needed.

Helmet Speaker Kit:
Helmet Speaker Kits come with the required IMSA to Trac-Com cable. These units will need to be installed into the helmet.

Helmet Earbud Kit:
Helmet Earbud Kits come with the required IMSA to Trac-Com cable. You can use regular in-ear ear buds without an microphone OR select the foam or semi custom ear buds from above. We highly recommend the Earbud Clip for ease of install These units will need to be installed into the helmet.

Stilo Helmet Port to Trac-Com Cable:
This cable will allow you to use your Stilo helmet plug and play with the trac-com unit with one easy to use cable.

*PLEASE NOTE* Your Stilo helmet must have preinstalled Stilo communications.

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