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Redline by Adobe Road Winery


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Adobe Road Winery
Adobe Road Winery

Wine-Redline by Adobe Road Winery

Redline by Adobe Road Winery

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Product Details

Rev up your senses with the 2021 Redline—a wine that roars out of the glass with an unmistakable symphony of dark, ripe plums, licorice, and warm toasted oak. From the first pour, this vintage captivates with a bold and intense flavor profile that promises an exhilarating journey through every sip.

Immerse yourself in the depth of dark ripe plums, where each note unfolds like a finely tuned engine hitting its peak. The presence of licorice adds a touch of intrigue, while the warm toasted oak provides a comforting backdrop that lingers on the palate.

With every element finely tuned to perfection, the 2021 Redline is not just a wine; it's an experience. Buckle up for a ride of rich, indulgent flavors that embody the essence of craftsmanship and passion in winemaking.

Vintage: 2021*

Only available for shipment to these states:

Alaska, California, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, and Wyoming

*Vintage is subject to change

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