Bell (Pro Series) GP-2 Auto Racing Helmet SA2010

Bell GP-2 Auto Racing Helmet SA2010 White


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Bell (Pro Series) GP-2 Auto Racing Helmet SA2010
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BELL GP-2 SA2010

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SAVE 20% Plus FREE UPS Ground Shipping within continental U.S.! If you're an open wheel racer you should really consider the Bell GP-2 Auto Racing Helmet. In our experience, this helmet has superior aerodynamic features and options which reduce lift and create a very stable helmet no matter what speed your car is capable of. The Bell SA2010 GP-2 auto racing helmet combines advanced F1 styling, an innovative air intake system for maximum ventilation and leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The SA2010 Bell GP-2 auto racing helmet is a fantastic choice for open wheel, formula racers and karters.
The Bell GP-2 features a front aero chin bar, an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, pro-style interior for outstanding comfort and a front air intake that forces air into the helmetís forehead vents for maximum ventilation.

The Bell GP-2 auto racing helmet has been designed to work with Bellís aero kits (sold separately) to configure the helmet for all open wheel and open compartment forms of racing depending on the aerodynamic requirements and environment. While the Bell GP-2 auto racing helmet has a front aero lip and chin bar designed into the helmet, these additional aerodynamic kits enhance helmet performance to
provide greater stability at higher speeds.

The aerodynamic kits available (sold separately and located in Helmet Accessories):

-top wicker gurneys - create an air separation point on the top of the helmet to allow airflow to detach from the helmet reducing buffeting

-chin bar gurneys - add down force to the front of the helmet to prevent lift

-rear spoilers - improve overall helmet stability

Because of the way airflow accelerates at higher speeds, Bell recommends using larger size gurneys at lower relative speeds and medium or smaller gurneys as speeds increase.
These aero kits attach with double sided adhesive that holds aggressively to the shell yet can be removed easily without damaging the helmet's finish. If you have any questions about the Bell GP-2 Auto Racing Helmet just pick up the phone and give us a call. We'll be happy to give you our recommendation for your application.

The Bell GP-2 auto racing helmet comes with a 287 SRV clear shield and Bell visor strip as standard equipment. Racers can also customize the fit of the Bell GP-2 by using Bellís Cheek Pad inserts in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes to tighten the fit in the cheek area. The helmet is available in White, Blue Wing (add $40) and Red Wing (add $40).
FIA8858-2010 and Snell SA2010 Certification.


  • The GP.2 is certified to the Snell SA2010 and the FIA8858 standard.
  • Bell Racing recommends consulting with the Head and Neck Restraint manufacturer or approved dealer to select an anchor system that allows the user to index the hardware in the proper location for use with the device.
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