Auto Racing Collars and Pads

Auto Racing Collars and Pads include neck collars and knee and elbow pads. These Auto Racing Collars and Pads are all covered with Nomex® material for added fire protection. Neck Collars are more of a comfort item providing support for your helmet in high G corners. Knee and Elbow Pads provide protection for these areas in tight cockpit cars. Northstar Motorsports carries Auto Racing Collars and Pads from G-Force and Sparco. Note - a Neck Collar is not a substitute for the protection provided by a HANS Device. Neck Collars are not to be worn in conjunction with HANS Devices.
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G Force SFI Neck Collar
G-Force SFI Neck Collar

List Price: $39.99
OurPrice: $34.99

The G-Force SFI Neck Collar provides 360 degree helmet support and is constructed of high density, fire retardant foam. The outer covering is soft, knit CoolTec and is removable for easy cleaning. SFI 3.3 Rating.
Sizes: Small (up to 12.5"), Medium (12.5-15.5") and Large (15.5-19.5"). The G-Force SFI Neck Collar is available in Black, Blue or Red....

Sparco Nomex Elbow Pads Black
Sparco Nomex Elbow Pads

OurPrice: $55.00

Sparco Nomex Elbow Pads provide added protection to your elbows in a tight cockpit environment. Plus they are Nomex covered to provide added fire protection. Available in one size - Black only....

Sparco Nomex Knee Pads Black
Sparco Nomex Knee Pads

OurPrice: $65.00

Sparco Nomex Knee Pads provide protection to your knees in a tight cockpit environment. Plus they are covered in elastic Nomex fabric for added fire protection. The Sparco Nomex Knee Pads are available in Black only....

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