Brake Bleeder Bottles

Brake Bleeder Bottles make bleeding or flushing your car's brake system a snap. Northstar Motorsports carrys its own proprietary Brake Bleeder Bottles. Our Brake Bleeder Bottles have a lanyard to attach the bottle inside the wheel well while you open and close the bleeder valve. Our Brake Bleeder Bottles also have a nib to attach the hose to when you're finished bleeding your brakes so the brake fluid in the hose will drain back into the bottle - avoiding the typical mess of having brake fluid on your garage floor.
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Brake Bleeder Bottle
Brake Bleeder Bottle

Our Price: $19.95

This Brake Bleeder Bottle is made of quality plastic with flexible surgical tubing, includes an extra nipple on top of the bottle to give you a place to put the open end of the hose so the fluid will drain back into bottle.
Three styles:
*Lanyard: a sturdy steel lanyard makes it easy to hang the Brake Bleeder Bottle Bottle on suspension or brake parts.
*Magnetic: a strong magnet can attach Brake Bleeder Bottle to brake rotor.
*One Man: ...

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